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Teaching Aids is a resource for teachers and professors in the higher education level who have a student with a disability in their class setting. The education environment presents with various challenges where students interact with their professor to acquire different set of skill and knowledge and in this process character is built. It is also a challenge for the teachers to transmit their know-how in the school setting because they must reach a variety of individuals and groups. Within these are present students with disability too. The purpose of Teaching Aids is to provide a tool for professors with students with a certain disability so they can learn more about their student’s disability, understand with virtual experiments and experiences what they go through in order to enhance the relationship amongst them. Student with disability are part of the co-culture within the educational setting and it is important to make them part of the whole group providing the professors the necessary elements to do so. By disability I understand any impairment be it physical and or/mental that limits some activity of life, like walking, seeing, hearing etc.

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits federal agancies and organizations from discrimanting against people with disabilities, including in the educational setting. Persons with disabilities are entitled to learn in the less restrictive setting. Equal opportunity for learning is a must!

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